Welcome to Sherman Elementary

Welcome to Warren A. Sherman Elementary

Warren A. Sherman school is an elementary school grades K-6. Sherman School was built in 1953 and opened in September of 1954. It was named after Warren A. Sherman, who was the Superintendent of Warwick Schools from 1930-1949. Members of his family attended the ceremonial dedication on Tuesday, November 16, 1954.

When Sherman School was scheduled to open in 1954, it was announced that there would not be enough space for all of the neighborhood children to attend.  Other buildings in the community would be used as schools for the excess students.  Sherman School opened with an average of 35 students per class.

Today there are approximately 325 students at Sherman School. There are 17 regular classrooms K-6.  Sherman has special area teachers for Science, Art, Physical Education, Library, Literacy, Resource, and Music.  Sherman is an inclusive school with the Special Education teachers working within the classroom environment.

Sherman School is a PBIS (Positive Behavior Incentives and Support) school. The students follows the 3 Rs of respect, responsibility and readiness each day.  Through MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) school teams monitor behavior, academics and attendance so that all students may achieve to their best potential. Sherman is also a Feinstein School and sponsors good works projects each month. The Sherman PTO meets each month on the first Wednesday and is an important part of the school community.

Mission Statement


It is the mission of Sherman School in partnership with community staff and parents to develop in our students’ skills and knowledge necessary to create lifelong learners who will be productive, responsible citizens in a culturally diverse society. Sherman School students will be respectful, responsible and ready to learn each day.